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Frosted grey

Frosted film grey internal

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Frosted grey, internal.
Frosted grey film is composed of a two-layer excellent quality polyester , efficiently preventing the interiors from being seen.

Please find out more about technical specifications of the film.
The ordered product is accompanied by a free spatula and a knife, as well as detailed installing instructions.

Bestel per lopende meter of hele rollen.
opgave in decimalen, bijv. 2,3 m, mogelijk.

product name price running metre
0,76m ( 20,92 € / m2 )
€ 15,90
Incl. 19% BTW
1,52m ( 20,33 € / m2 )
€ 30,90
Incl. 19% BTW
product name price rolls
roll 0,76m x 30,5m ( 12,77 € / m2 )
€ 296,00
Incl. 19% BTW
roll 1,52m x 30,5m ( 12,81 € / m2 )
€ 594,00
Incl. 19% BTW
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Extra informatie
Solar Transmission
Solar Reflection
Solar Absorption
Light Reflection Inside
Light Reflection Outside
Light Transmission
Total Solar Energy Rejected
Clear Single glass yes
Clear Double glass !
Low E Clear double glass no
Tinted Single glass yes
Tinted Double glass no
Clear Laminated Single glass no
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