This is how you attach new window films

General advice:
  • Windows and other glass surfaces must always be fully covered with the sun protecting- or reflecting film. A partial coverage will lead to thermic tension which can lead to shattering of the glass.
  • Frosted films, decorative films and transparent films can also be used on only one part of the glass surface.
  • On sloped skylights, heat protecting, tripel glass or security glass(laminated glass), toned or gas filled glass pane only silver outer films may be used.
  • Security- and burglar protection films should always be attached on the inside to prevent an outsider from removing it.
  • If you would like to mount a film on the outside, the outdoors temperature should not be below 5° C.
step 1 Step 1:
To mount it yourself you will need:
  • Scraper (is included free of charge)
  • Mounting fluid (is included free of charge)
  • Cutter- knife (is included free of charge) - By the already precisely cut pieces the cutting on the window is not required
  • Glass scraper (is included free of charge) - CAUTION: SHARP BLADE!
  • Tape
  • Glass cleaner
  • Spray bottle
  • Paper tissue or a lint- free cloth

step 2 Step 2:
To select a window film and order:

Film cutting (cut on request):
Particularly if you have little or no experience with the mounting of window films we recommend that you order a precisely cut one.
This is how you do it:
Please begin by accurately measuring the glass surface millimetre precise. If you would like to mount on a window without and wrinkles, make sure not to remove the often mentioned tolerance value of 2-5mm. This can make the alignment easier. Window films can also be used from isolation to isolation without any issue. This way small strips can be avoided, that may not only look bad, but can also cause a blending effect on the sun protection films.

For an easier mount, remove 2mm from the width (A) and height (B) from the measured total surface. This way you will have a 1 mm border for the isolation (rubber, silicon). This border makes the mounting easier due to this simplifying the alignment.
Ordering running metre:
For larger areas we recommend ordering our cheap running metre on a roll (similar to wallpaper). You must then cut this according to the isolation with the help of the included scraper.
step 3 Step 3:
Preparing the window:

Thoroughly clean the window pane to remove any resistance on it with the help of a regular glass cleaner.

Remove all sticky particles (for e.g. paint) with a glass scraper There must not be any leftover dirt on the window pane.
step 4 Step 4:
Preparing the window film:

All window films are covered in in protection film. The easiest way to remove this is with the help of tape.

Stick the tape on the front- and backside of the film. On smaller window film bits you can simply pull the two sides apart.

For larger films you will need a helper. Hold the window film at the front with the help of tape whilst your helper removes the protecting film from the backside.
step 5 Step 5:
Mounting the film:

Fill a spray bottle with water and the mounting fluid (in a 10:1 ratio. For e.g. for 3 litres of water you will need 30 ml or 10 ml with 1 litre of mounting fluid.)

Start of by spraying the film and then the - clean and dry - window pane with the mixture.
step 6 Step 6:
Place the film central on the window pane. If the film can not easily be moved around, more mounting fluid is needed on the window. Spray again!

Spray on the backside of the film to make the work with the scraper easier.
step 7 Step 7:
Now push the mounting fluid from the middle to the right and to the left in the direction of the isolation until there is no longer any fluid remaining under the film.
step 8 Step 8:
Dab the edges and the backside of the film carefully with a soft cloth. If needed press the scraper against the edges again.

Now let the film dry for 3 days without touching it. By outside mounting the edges should, after having dried up, be covered with an acid free silicone , for e.g. from the brand WÜRTH.

Wait a few weeks with the first cleaning of the film and do not use hard objects (brushes or blades) to clean. Window films can be cleaned with regular household window cleaner.

A demounting instruction can be found below. demounting instruction.